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  • I would like to give thanks to the most high for giving me this blessing voice. To be able to sing to you all and for the ability to write songs which give peace and good vibes to all.
  • I send out mad love and respect from the bottom of my heart to my loving wife Lorriane for keeping the faith and not only her stress but mine aswell. For always listening with a keen ear and being my rock, your reward is yet to be revealed.
  • I would like to thank all my fans who have been their from day one. For actually buying the album and not copying it respect to you all. To my brethren Jack Ruebin time to break free from the chains across the world brethren, one of London's finest.
  • Big respect to the main man Barry B my co writer and producer who has bought some mad flavours to this great album, who has helped to pave the way for so many artists in the UK. Finally I would like to give thanks to my label who have been with me since the early days, thanks for beleiving in me.
  • To all the press and promotions companies who beleived enough to help get the message across I thank you all, to the unsung hero's the independent radio stations (Street). Thanks guys you know I am there for you. To all those who now have a copy of this album enjoy and pass it on to someone you like.       PEACE....HC

Ready Or Not

I Like It
Can't Keep A Good Man Down
Ready Or Not
Haven't We Done Enough
Give Me Your Love
Bring Back the Love
Scratch My Back
Sweet Feelings
Friend In Me
I just Don't Know
I Like It (7th Heaven Mix)


Inside Out

Booty Song
Too Busy
Say A Word
Two wrongs
Inside Out 
Juice Me
Players game
Things We Do
Last To Know
All About Us
Be My Guest
Funny How
If Your Ready
How Could I Get Me
Back And Forth
Juice Me (Remix)
Funny How (Remix)


About The Girl

Bounce With Me
Wide Open
So Glad
Good Thing
Love You Down
Days Like This
What Do You Want From Me
See You Later
Cars And Girls
Juice Me
Funny How
Critical (Dance)

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