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Founded in 2000, it has been 10yrs since Artz Designerwear became one of the countries leading international fashion retailers. Our parent compant Artz Entertainment Group, designs, markets and distributes luxury clothing, accessories, fragrances, music and media Consultancy under the various brands of the Artz Group. These brands include: Bellanina, GFF, Gucci, Patrick Kevin, Uciyan Revamp, RNT23 Jeans are just some of the labels we stock.

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Celebrity Customers

Frank Bruno


Sid Owen

Actor - Eastenders

David Haye


Hughie Crawford the entrepreneur behind this successful business says...

I have not gone out my way to attract celebrities, but through word of mouth and my personal contacts I have successfully attracted a particular type of client which has raised the profile.

Other Business

Artz are stilla ttracting the attention of top celebrities. Our entourage now include Ian Wright, Ainslet Harriott, Richard Blackwood, David Haye, Frank Bruno, Harry Tobbler and varuius members of The So Solid Crew and he last but not least Sid Owen A.K.A Ricky from Eastenders fame. Artz has now become a hotbed for these celebrity shoppers. Join Them.

To ensure the very highest quality, all our products are carefully selected from various manufacturers. We also distibute our collections through a network of exclusive boutiques, i  over 15 dedicated spaces.

Beenie Man, Ian Wright, Wyclef Jean, So Solid Crew, Ainsley Harriott, Mystique and poor old Frank Bruno have all visited us in the past year. We wish Frank well and hope he makes a speedy recivery.

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